Bath brush and natural bath accessories

Our bathroom brushes, horsehair gloves, massage horsehair band, massage sponge made from bamboo fiber, natural sponge ... from Gerson®.

Hair removal

Hair removal Acorelle®, performance naturally with respect for sensitive skin:

Herbal teas

We offer a wide selection of classical organic herbal teas : Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Nettle, Bramble, Sage Thyme, Lime, Verbena ...

We also have many mixtures with different properties:

Intimate hygiene

Natural pads and tampons

✔ Only certified organic cotton in contact with your skin

✔ From natural cellulose, renewable, coming from sustainably managed forests

✔ No plastic

✔ Totally free chlorine

✔ Free polyacrylate super absorbents or petroleum derivatives, without any synthetic ingredients or fragrances

✔ Biodegradable (between 95 and 100%)

✔ Not tested on animals

✔ Recommended by gynecologists.

Make-up, nail polish, hair colourant

Hauschka® care make-up based on medicinal plants

Korres® nail polish, lipsticks , hair dyes (ammonia-free, silicone-free).

Makeup removers

You will find at the Pharmacy a range of ultra-soft products including cleaners and removers by AHAVA :

- Eye Makeup Remover : Specially designed for removing waterproof makeup and tough on the eyes.

- All in One Toning Cleanser : To cleanse the face , eyes cleansing and toning .

- Mineral toning water: to refine skin texture and clean her skin deep.

You will also find products to cleanse , to purify and matte your skin :

- Transparent Soap softening DHC® : soap enriched with virgin olive oil and honey cleanses and purifies the skin in depth while providing hydration , leaving it perfectly clean and purified , never tug

- Paper mattifying DHC®  : leaves 100% natural hemp that help conserve throughout the day and clear skin matt , free of excess oil .

- Deep Cleansing Oil DHC®: a perfect cleansing in a flash.

Reusable washable Cleansing Wipes over 100 times

Maternity and baby products

Maternity products:



Natural brushes and combs

Tek hairbrushes with wood spikes massaging the scalp, stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the hair roots, absorb excess sebum and impurities. Special features : hypoallergenic and antistatic.

hairbrushes Gerson® with their handles in olive wood, pear wood or beech wood and their spikes made from wood, boar bristle, goat hair or silk.

Combs made from  ash, sandalwood ...

Cleaning brushes face made from goat hair, shaving brushes, shaving brush in pure boar bristle.

Natural gifts

Many models diffusers for essential oils: diffuser for car, plug diffuser, diffuser for babies, diffuser for area of 20 m², diffuser for an area from 40 to 100 m², Dry diffuser and cold for a space from 10 to 100m², Wireless diffuser, diffuser for area up to 100m² with direct diffusion from the bottle.

Fragrances 100% natural essential oils (Spray "Synergie d’Ambiance" Agrumi, Spray "Synergie d’Ambiance" Mare), Fragrances diffusers Corsican natural essences (Agrumi diffuser and Mare Diffusers). Candles natural wax with essential oils (Mare Candle and Agrumi Candle) from Solyvia®. These are products handcrafted in Corsica.

Eau de toilette and natural perfumes without parabens, phthalates, free polycyclic musk, free synthetic fragrances from Korres®.

Natural products

Egyptian magic® An all-in-one miracle balm formula made from six of nature's most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients for healthy, smooth and radiant skin and a multitude of purposes.: honey, royal jelly, olive oil, propolis extract, beeswax, bee pollen (lip care, hands, feet, hair, after-sun rescue, ...)

Dry deodorant made of palmarosa essential oil, cone pass under water before use

Solid vegetal shampoo

Pure vegetal soap Bronner's®

The products of the hive from Ballot-Flurin®

Reusable washable Cleansing Wipes over 100 times

Natural products for head lice

Our selection of original products

  • Organic energy fruit drink, plants and flowers of Bach: Z-power®
  • Juicy antioxidant berries Acai rich in antioxidant : Monavie®
  • Mixtures of dried fruits and plants energizers and antioxidants : Organic Goji berries, Chia seeds (rich in omega 3, calcium, fiber, antioxidants and protein great slimming natural and safe), Mulberries (rich in iron), Psyllium bio (improves transit), Physalis (rich in vitamin C) ...
  • Our anti-snoring acupuncture rings Antisnor®, a natural solution against snoring.
  • Energy Bracelets RectoVerso®.

Sexual enhancer

Erexil®: Natural herbal solution (Bois bandé “hard wood”, Maca, ginger, ginseng ...) to boost libido and increase performance, to take at any time of day for a very quick effect.

Sex control®: Natural herbal capsules (kola nut, ginseng, ...) to increase sexual stamina, to be taken in the morning.

Skin care for new born, baby and children

The Lingerie®: the nappy, perfume free alcohol, water diaper, pacifier holders and clips.
Olive and calisson®: the gentle cleansing gel with extract of organic olive leaf from Provence and cleansing milk in orgnaic olive oil from Provence
PranaBB® with essential oils, for example the spray massage - Digestive comfort

Suncare products