Our values

Keep in mind that the pharmacy is an essential step towards your well being !

Our experienced and pleasant pharmacists are healthcare professionals that you can safely refer to for medical issues.

In addition or in substitution of usual allopathic medicines, we have selected ranges of organic and natural products renowned for their high quality, their innovative technology, and, of course, their efficiency.

A qualified team will provide you useful advice in various areas, such as micro nutrition, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, and bee therapy …

Our orientation toward organic and natural products has led us to develop original ranges in alternative medicine, but also in dermocosmetic, body care, personal hygiene/intimate hygiene, make up , baby and child care and body care accessories ( wooden hair brushes & combs, natural sea sponge, menstrual cup…)

Our commitments

  • a team of pharmacists regularly trained
  • individual advice given on a case by case basis
  • events/ display and demonstration at the pharmacy to make you discover our products
  • fair prices
  • tax free purchases possible for foreign residents ( excluding the EEC ) from 176 €
  • our regularly updated website with a discussion group and customers’ comments