Exclusive property of the Ministry of agriculture, food-processing industry and the forest which defines the rules of use, AB certification label, such as the EU organic logo, identifies products containing 100% organic or at least 95% organic agricultural products in the case of converted products. Its use, however, is optional.

Laboratories and products with this label : Phytofrance laboratory, dried fruit, Z Power.


The organic label of the European Union is a label stating that the affected product is consistent with Regulation on organic farming in the European Union, based on the prohibition of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. From 1 July 2010, the EU proposes a new organic green logo.

Laboratories that have this label: Phytofrance, dried fruit (cape gooseberry, gogi...) and herbal teas, Phytoprevent, Z Power.


Natrue label has only one objective, enhance consumer confidence in the natural and organic cosmetics. To establish the definition of natural cosmetics, the NaTrue Scientific Committee relied on efficiency, naturalness, safety and the requirement excluding interest for commercial reasons, to meet expectations and guarantee consumers.

Laboratories that have this label: Dr. Hauschka, Weleda.


  The BDIH is one of the oldest in existence. Several conditions must be respected to obtain this label : The products must be made from natural raw materials, minerals and vegetables. The cleansers or emulsifiers should be of plant origin and have been obtained through so-called soft skills. The products must not have been tested on animals. Only the volunteers and the cells are allowed. Very few natural preservatives are not prohibited and must be indicated on the packaging.

Laboratories that have this label: Dr Hauschka.


 Cosmebio BIO certification requires a minimum of 95% natural ingredients and 10% organic ingredients in the product and 95% organic ingredients on the total vegetable ingredients.

Laboratories that have this label: Ballot-Flurin, Sanoflore, Téane, Acorelle, Olive et Calisson.


The Soil Association Label designating an ecological cosmetics, is awarded by the British Soil Association, founded in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists to promote organic agriculture. The standards of the Soil Association label for cosmetics require a maximum of ingredients from organic farming; non-organic raw materials are allowed only if their organic equivalent is not available and provided that they are not genetically modified. All methods of transformation and manufacturing must be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Laboratories with this label. Natracare (tampons, sanitary napkins ..)


Ecocert has specialized since its creation in the certification of products from organic agriculture. Since its creation, Ecocert is an independent company that stays true to his convictions. In continuation of its commitment to organic agriculture, Ecocert has chosen to put its expertise at the service of the environment, by developing its own specifications for testing and certification of products, systems and services. By defining strict requirements that meet the expectations of consumers, the Ecocert Group encourages economic actors to adopt responsible practices.

Laboratories that have this label: Sanoflore, Phytofrance, Oemine (range eczebio).