BEES & HEALTH Family range

Boosts the beauty of the skin, nails and hair. Protective and multi-use: its revitalising properties prepare for physical and intellectual activities. It stimulates memory and subtly acts at emotional level. It naturally regulates intestinal transit and balances flora.

Its Yang properties contribute to masculine strength. It offers its nourishing, anti-oxyding and forming effect to your skin, nails and hair.

The Ballot-Flurin pollen is suitable for the whole family, tired persons, seniors, athletes...

Noble origins
Slight differences in taste or presentation from one harvest to the next prove that your pollen is living and originating from typical micro-terroirs. The exclusive natural method for natural preservation at room temperature, Hydroplus, avoids using a delicate and energy-expensive cold chain.

  • Harvested without stressing out the bees, thanks to our patented soft pollen Trap system
  • Born in local French biotopes of the South-West or in the natural park of Estremadura in Spain (depending on harvest)
  • Very rich in living and bio-available active substances
  • Harvest limited to 300 units/month.

Catherine Flurin is advising you:

  • Internal well-being: Do you specifically wish to act at emotional level (strength, courage, willpower)? Also take the Elixir Pollen Basket.
  • Are you sensitive to spring pollen? It is the light pollen transported by the wind (anemophile: graminaceous...) that causes allergies, the pollen of bees comes from other vegetal species (entomophile), in that case, it is too heavy to be airborne. Those plants need the bees to ensure their reproduction. That is why people who are allergic to graminaceous pollen can perfectly take bee pollen, and even become de-sensitised. How do I proceed? Start with two grains on the first day and progressively increase dose up to half a teaspoon per day. Observe your body's reactions.
  • Beauty tip: vitalising mask with yoghurt, honey and pollen
  • Is your skin tired and dull? Pamper yourself with the softness of this nourishing and rehydrating mask.
    In a small pot: Mix at room temperature: yoghurt, honey and pollen. Clean your face with water and then apply your preparation with your fingertips on your whole face avoiding the eye contour. Leave to work for some twenty minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
    - 2 teaspoons of polyfloral pollen
    - 1 teaspoon of yoghurt
    - ¼ teaspoon of yoghurt

Suggested use:

How do I take it?
Mix the pollen well with your saliva before swallowing it.
Can also be mixed with a spoonful of honey or diluted in some fruit juice to facilitate its absorption.
Ideally place it in some water the evening before and take it the next morning with some fruit juice.

As prevention: Its concentrated active ingredients enable economic use: 1 to 2 teaspoons - flat or heaped - a day are usually enough, preferably in the morning. Renew when needed.

Intense tiredness, active life: double the doses and take twice a day with meals.

Children: halve the initial doses.

Cure: A cure of 3 to 6 weeks is recommended in all cases, preferably in spring and at the start of winter.

To be taken as part of a varied and balanced nutrition and a healthy life.


100% organic , originated from France or Spain: pollen*
*Organically sourced ingredients.

Certified by Qualité-France SAS - FR BIO-10 Union Européenne Box contains 10 glass vials. 10ml/vial.

Our price: 16€90 the jar

Laboratory : Ballot Flurin®

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