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Natural defences of the body in a difficult environment: activates your natural defences, fortifies your body while helping it to re-establish its equilibrium in a durable way. Extreme cold, stress, active life, preparation for sports.

Seasonal hypersensitivities (March to September): sensitive throat, drippy eyes and nose, sneezing, uncomfortable breathing, tiredness. Contributes to regulating the body's defences in the event of hypersensitivity to pollens, hay, dust, animal fur, mites.

Problems in the mouth: purifies and protects. Is used by direct application to the mucous membranes, the gums. Compatible with the natural flora in the mouth. Increase propolis effect regulating your emotionnal reactions with "Bee Venom Elixir". For children over 36 months and sensitive adults, take the Alcohol free propolis extract 100%.

An exceptional quality

  • Potentised French black propolis certified 100% organic, originating from our beehives and local "micro-terroirs"
  • Created and dynamised on site in the countryside with "low-tech" procedures for soft extraction, non polluting
  • The biological and vibratory quality of this extract is guaranteed by Apiculture Douce® (Gentle Beekeeping) harvesting
  • Manual production limited to 800 units/month.

Preparation guaranteed without additives or conservatives.

Suggested use:

Internal use: since this preparation is very concentrated, 1 to 2 drops per day in the morning or the evening are sufficient in a recommended treatment period of 21 days. Is consumed pure, mixed with a spoonful of honey or diluted in a bit of water. For the optimum bio-energetic effect, place under the tongue for a moment.

Local use: using a cotton Q-tip or the tip of your finger, apply a single drop to the area concerned. Repeat the application three times a day if necessary.

If you prefer a spray application, see the Black propolis spray 100%.

Do not apply in the nose. Keep away from children.


Black Propolis extract* 100 % – Alc*: 81 % vol.


*Organic ingredients.
Certified by Qualité-France SAS - Paris
15ml dropper bottle.

Our price: 12.90€

Laboratory : Ballot Flurin®

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