Purify and strengthen your body at any time: rich in white propolis (625mg), acting in synergy with active beehive ingredients from living countrysides (polen, royal jelly, honey, "Bee Venom" Elixir).

Protects and stimulates natural defences :

Winter, immune system, travel, stress...

Seasonal sensitivity (March to September):

Helps regulate the body's defences in case of sensitivity to pollen, hay, dust, animal hair, dust mites (sensitive throat, running eyes and nose, sneezing, tiredness). 

Natural scent from the ingredients. No alcohol, conservatives, colorants nor added fructose.

Box contains 10 glass ampoules. 10ml/ampoule. 

Food supplement 

Your guarantee :

  • 100% organic raw materials from beehives located in local micro-regions
  • Respect of lunar & planetary calendar 
  • Propolis : white propolis
  • Royal jelly : natural breeding, selection and preservation of queens
  • Not centrifuged nor frozen. 
  • Pollen: Polyflorale variety rich in nutrients and obtained without stressing the bees. 
  • Honey harvested in full maturity. 
  • Manual uncapping with knife. 
  • Venom Élixir: 1/1018. High manual dilution. 
BEES & HEALTH Experts range

Shake before opening. Drink slowly, allow each sip to mix with saliva under the tongue before swallowing. 

Suitable for the children over 36 months under an adult supervision.

10 day cure

On a preventive basis, one phial per day in the morning on an empty stomach for a beneficial effect. 

Double the dose if already suffering.

Daily dose

One 10 ml ampoule per day provides 4000 mg honey, 625 mg white propolis extract, 50 mg pollen, 50 mg royal jelly and 10 mg organic "bee venom" Elixir.

Take in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Respect the indicated daily dose. Dietary supplement.

Store at ambient temperature.


  • Spring water from "la Roche des Écrins"
  • Forest honey from Estremadura (Spain)*
  • White propolis extract* (water, propolis*)
  • French royal jelly*
  • Polyfloral pollen from Estremadura*
  • "Bee Venom" Hive elixir* ( spring water, beeswax*)

*Organically certified ingredients. 
Certified by Qualité-France SAS - FR BIO-10 Union Européenne

our price: 16.90€

Theme : Immunity
Laboratory : Ballot Flurin®

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